Boilers are classified according to their construction material in steel and cast iron. Steel boilers have a higher efficiency and less weight than cast iron boilers. On the other hand, cast-iron boilers have a long life span (they do not rust), they are easier to transport as loose, they provide the possibility of increasing their thermal power (within certain limits). Replacement of an element can be done easily, in case of damage from bad casting. Although they have big weight, they occupy a smaller volume.

At our facilities in Vrachneika Patras, someone can find the SIME cast iron boilers of the RONDO – ESTELLE range and the 1R – 2R series. In addition, we have the GROUP STANDARD steel series boilers of the A series and the Junior series. We also have the GROUP STANDARD steel frames and bimetallic steel.

Our products meet all modern standards and certifications. All products are directly available.