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Why Us?

In SPILIOPOULOS OE, our main focus is our customers and how we can serve them.

Trust Relationship

In SPILIOPOULOS OE we rely on long-term relationships we build with our customers and our conviction to work together to develop more effectively the informations we have at our disposal so that we can meet their demands. Our philosophy is based on the excellent, continuous and effective support of our customers.

Experience & Know-How

In SPILIOPOULOS OE we focus our attention on continual monitoring of the materials and energy systems market evolution in order to be able to offer you the most reliable solutions. The experience we have managed to gain from 25 years operation enables us to serve even the most demanding customer in every part of Greece.

Great Availability - Competitive Prices

In SPILIOPOULOS OE, through our long-standing cooperation with the largest foreign and domestic suppliers, we have managed to buy products of excellent quality and to offer them to our customers at the most competitive prices of the market. Our storage areas, totaling 1,800 square meters, allow us to have the rich variety of our products in great availability.

Partnership relationships with the Professionals

Partnerships - Suppliers

As part of our continuous effort to provide certified quality products that fully meet our customers’ needs, we are continually developing partnerships with leading suppliers from both abroad and Greece.