Floor Heating-Cooling

Floor heating is constructed by laying pipes on the floor and covering them with a special layer of concrete (thermobond) in order this whole structure to function as a large “heating element”.

It can be combined with any thermal energy production device: boilers (oil, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, wood or pellet), heat pumps, solar systems, geothermal energy or combinations of them (hybrid systems).

However, the low temperature water required for floor heating make it ideal to combine it with a low temperature heat pump to maximize energy saving and reduce operating cost.

At our facilities in Vrachneika Patras we have a complete range of floor heating and cooling systems from Uponor, which is a leading international supplier of plastic piping systems for buildings and infrastructures. UPONOR’s basic applications include indoor air conditioning systems and drinking water systems.

Advantages of floor heating

  • Uniform heat distribution throughout the room and temperature escalation from feet to head.
  • Energy saving and low operating cost because it works with low temperature water (35-45 ° C) and is ideally combined with heat pumps.
  • In floor heating the floor radiates heat, therefore no germs are transported and no air currents are observed. It is therefore ideal for people with allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Saving space and architectural freedom as there are no radiators.


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